We’re a Marketing and Management Consultancy with a Difference

Formed in 2013, our consultancy in Brisbane is one of the first of its type and one of only a very few prepared to make any sort of guarantee of performance. When you are looking for assistance to grow your company, we can provide the guidance and importantly, the execution, to make your plans a reality.

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Our broad industry experience means you’ll get out-of-the-box thinking mixed with well-proven strategies to give you the growth you want.


Meet our Founder

The founder of Corporate Momentum is Neil Dwyer. Neil has been a business consultant for well over a decade, having co-founded successful marketing and advertising company Strategy and Action in 2000. Since that time he has consulted to well over 200 businesses on all manner of projects.

In 2013, Neil decided to sell his share in Strategy and Action and form a new company in Brisbane that could offer a different type of service to its clients.

His reasoning was:

“When companies hire a new manager, engage a marketing company or a management consultancy, or go and talk to their accountant, the underlying reason is normally the search for more profit or the protection of profitable opportunities.

But from the start the conversation is fundamentally flawed because while the client thinks they’ve chosen the correct kind of person to deal with to remedy their profit concerns, and the consultant delivers his or her considered take on the situation, both are approaching it from a single point of view.

To a hammer, everything looks like a nail, because a hammer has only one function and only one way of delivering the result. So it is with hiring a new sales manager, or a marketing consultancy, a management consultancy and every other single-discipline consultancy. You will find that you get answers that address only those items that fall within the consultant’s field of specialty.

So rather than open a single-discipline consultancy, I formed one that can advise on Marketing, Management, Operational and Financial issues.  The end result is a more comprehensive approach to your profit growth requirements.

Without a doubt we can work on single-item projects, but don’t be surprised if we ask more questions than you might expect along the way. We’re good at seeing profit opportunities and inhibitors and we know you’ll be happy we went above-and-beyond in our focus on making you more profitable.”


The scope of our services

We have delivered services to companies located all over Australia and internationally though the focus of our efforts is QLD, NSW and Victoria.

We have consulted to clients in industries as distinct as debt recovery, chemical manufacture and distribution, mining, accounting and adult novelties (yes, that kind).  There have been well over 200 companies and you can see a small selection on the Our Clients page.

We’re prepared to tie our fee to our performance

For select companies with the right attributes, we are prepared to offer our ProfitLeapTM Programme.  It’s an intensive 12-month programme of activity covering both management and marketing consultancy where we contract with you to achieve a mutually agreed performance goal inside 12 months.

To prove we can do it, we’ll proactively reduce our fee by 35% and only be fully paid when we’ve been successful in achieving your goal.


Our experience, dedication and proven processes ensure that our clients receive a great return on investment

Here’s a small selection of the hundreds of companies we have worked for:

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