Buddy Up!

How pairing up with another business can be beneficial to everyone.

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“But where are the Drones?” A Classic Example of Missing the Point

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You know that saying, “you can’t see the forest for the trees”? That’s a real thing. I experienced a real-life example just a few weeks ago.

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Surveymonkey Audience. A practical review

Survey Monkey Audience Marketing review

We’ve just used SurveyMonkey audience and we loved it. Here’s why…

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Direct Mail isn’t dead… but simple letters don’t cut it

Does direct mail still work? You betDoes direct mail still work?  You bet it does.  The secret to making it work is in this post…

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Under-baked. Here’s a marketing tactic that too few companies use

Under-cooked - the marketing tactic used too infrequently

Are you making this mistake in your marketing?  Don’t worry, most companies are…

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Why a Unique Value Proposition is so Important


What is a USP? "Death to Every Pest"

A Unique Value Proposition is one of the most important marketing assets you can develop.  This is why…

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Start-ups do your homework

Start-ups do homework first

So you’ve got a great idea and you’re going to be a star as soon as you can start marketing?  Think again.  Success comes from planning much more often than genius.  Here’s why…


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The Short Vs Long Copy Debate: Where It Stands in 2015

Copywriters are used to help create a variety of content: direct mail pieces, web pages, taglines, online ads, email, television or radio commercial scripts, catalogues, press releases, billboards, jingle lyrics, brochures and more. Done correctly, it’s extremely effective and can make the difference between a successful and failing business. But how do you know if you’re doing it correctly? (more…)

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What is Growth Hacking and How to Use it in Your Business


The Internet space is becoming quite crowded, and it’s progressively getting more difficult for a business to be seen and reach a target audience. With the growth of the Internet, digital marketing channels have emerged with a focus on:

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Why Every Business Needs an Exit Strategy


What’s an exit strategy and why do businesses need one? An exit strategy outlines the end goal of a business venture and the strategies that will enable the venture team to bring the business to this end. Most commonly, this end goal should satisfy venture capitalists’ and investors’ desire to acquire a satisfactory return on their investment within a reasonable period of time.

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