If your fundamentals are strong but profit has dipped too much, our consulting services can help get you back on track

We’ll use a smart combination of marketing and management expertise to cut away waste, refocus your business on profitable products and services and get more customers buying, more often

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ProfitBounceTM  is specifically suited to companies that have run into trouble in their growth curve. Our plain-talking consultants in Brisbane will analyse your company, then create and execute a plan in collaboration with you.

Let’s refocus on what’s important

Profit drops for many reasons. Perhaps the market has changed and you’re targeting the wrong segments, or technology has moved on, or your sales management isn’t as effective as in the past or the culture of your company has changed.  It could be any one of those reasons or one of a million more.

Whatever the cause, we can find it and counter it.  Then we’ll identify your strengths and your unique value proposition, create a plan for maximising them and roll up our sleeves to execute it.

It’s not a magic cure.  ProfitBounceTM takes hard work and is quite an intensive process over the course of 6 months.  But most companies can be turned around in that timeframe IF you take our recommendations to heart and implement them with us at the earliest opportunity.

Turnaround Management

So how does it work?

The ProfitBounceTM Program is, in many respects, similar to our ProfitLeapTM Program.  But they start very differently.

In the first 4 weeks of your ProfitBounceTM program we’ll stanch the bleeding of profit from your company to get you back to breakeven as quickly as possible.

Once that task is carried out, we’ll commence a range of activities.  Market research, competitor research and a search for waste in the company that can be eliminated will happen concurrently.  Even though we have worked across most industry verticals, we need to take this step because your business in your market is unique and has its own strengths, weaknesses and profit opportunities.

The insights that we gather from our research will be combined into a new business and marketing plan that we deliver in month 3.

Then we’ll have 3 months to execute it and generate the bounce in profit that you’re after.

We don’t just direct – we get in the trenches with you and push hard to get the bounce.  What’s the point of being intellectual about it if you don’t make it happen?  That’s our take on it.

Here’s why you should buy the ProfitBounceTM Program

Because you will never work with another consultancy or employee who speaks as plainly and directly to you, with as much conviction and as much intent to help you out of your declining profit trend.  If you invite us to work with you, and we accept your invitation, we’ll work harder than you could possibly expect to turn you around from the sharp rocks ahead and back into deep water. You’ll get:

  • services-icon1Straight-talking consultants with proven expertise Ensuring things stay simple, uncomplicated and easy to implement.
  • services-icon2Strategic expertiseWe’ll help you see past the current dramas and reposition your company for growth.
  • services-icon3Experience across most industry verticalsOver time we’ve collaborated with businesses in almost every industry vertical, so we’ll have a head start on helping you.
  • services-icon4A sharp focus on profit Sometimes you need an external pair of eyes to identify opportunities for saving and opportunities for new revenue that you just can’t see because you’ve lost some objectivity
  • services-icon5All-in-one serviceWe will manage the delivery of creative or organizational development projects. When you engage us, you don’t just get a talking head.  We roll up our sleeves and manage our plans through to completion.

Our experience, dedication and proven processes ensure that our clients receive a great return on investment

Here’s a small selection of the hundreds of companies we have worked for:

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