Imagine if you could achieve your key business performance goals within 12 months

Our industry-leading ProfitLeapTM  Program promises that and more – and to prove we can do it we’ll proactively take a 35% fee reduction and won’t get fully paid until we’re done

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Brought to you by the team at Corporate Momentum, the ProfitLeapTM  program is a collaborative consultation process out of our Brisbane office that is designed to achieve big results for your company.

Better marketing. Improved productivity. More profit.

The ProfitLeapTM program is our flagship service.

The ProfitLeapTM program is our flagship service. We deliver it as a tailored mix of marketing and management consultancy in order to achieve a mutually-agreed performance goal for your company.

In simple terms, we identify profit inhibitors and profit opportunities in your company, then we counter or bypass the inhibitors and maximize the opportunities. The end goal for you is more profit and a stronger company.

Unlike many other marketing or management consultancies that take a consulting-only, academic-style approach, we make it our business to be in the thick of it, just as we would if we were a full-time staff member. More than half of the hours that go into your program will happen at your premises so that we can be as close as possible to the action.

Pay for performance marketing

We will charge you 35% less than full rate along the way

Once we fully understand your company and the goals you’d like to achieve, we’ll then work together to identify the strategies and tactics we need to implement so you can increase your profit quickly and grow your business fast.

If that means creating a swathe of new marketing collateral to promote your products or services more profitably, so be it.

If it means days of work on-site reviewing job descriptions, training your sales force, or putting in place a new performance management system, we’ll be there to assist and ensure you get big results.

In fact we are so confident that we can stay true to our promise of delivering on a mutually agreed performance goal within 12 months that we will charge you 35% less than full rate along the way and only be paid fully when we achieve it.

Performance marketing companies

So how does it work?

The ProfitLeapTM Program has been designed to focus on every element of your company set-up.

To kick the process off, we start with a comprehensive, multi-day audit of your company, which covers, amongst other elements, these key areas:

  • Market and competitor analysis
  • Management decision-making
  • Production or Service processes
  • Marketing promotion
  • Organisational controls
  • Sales performance
  • HR
  • Innovation
  • Accounting

From here we can then chart a comprehensive 12-month path of activity through a range of initiatives that are designed to reduce costs, improve productivity, deliver better marketing results and ultimately – make more profit.

Why engage in the ProfitLeap™ Program?

Here’s why our clients like to work with us:

  • li1_imgHighly effective, short-term marketing plansDelivered within 10 days so you start achieving new results even as we create a more comprehensive plan.
  • li2_imgA 35% proactive fee reductionAs testament to the belief we have in our team and the commitment we have to achieving your performance goal, we’ll happily back our program and put our own money at risk.
  • li3_imgStraight-talking consultants with proven expertiseEnsuring things stay simple, uncomplicated and easy to implement.
  • li4_imgExperience across all industry verticalsWhich means we know how to deliver great value to every one of our clients.
  • li5_imgAll-in-one serviceWe will manage the delivery of creative or organizational development projects. When you engage us, you don’t just get a talking head. We roll up our sleeves and manage our plans through to completion.
  • li6_imgStrategic expertiseAs your strategic management advisors, we will help you get the most out of your team and your key business processes.

Our experience, dedication and proven processes ensure that our clients receive a great return on investment

Here’s a small selection of the hundreds of companies we have worked for:

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The program is not available to every company. We do not have the resources to accept every potential client nor does every decision-maker match the profile of the kind of executive we can work with successfully. We deliberately restrict numbers so that we can deliver maximum results. After all, we’ve got our own money on the table and we want to be sure our investment in you pays off as well.