ProfitStartTM  is a 12-week marketing programme that focuses on making your start-up or small business profitable as fast as possible

ProfitStartTM  focuses on making your marketing deliver results fast and avoiding unprofitable diversions. When funds are tight, it’s a good idea to invest in this kind of guidance.

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The programme is delivered over 12 weeks in a hands-on coaching style format out of Brisbane. The end result is a clear marketing plan and action steps taken to implement it. You will have avoided the common pitfalls of start-up and small business marketing and be on your way to more profit, faster.

What do you actually get?

You get a tailored plan of activity focusing on just the right kinds of activity for your business at your stage of growth and you get assistance to implement it.

Fundamentally, we work out how to get more customers, paying more, more often and then we help you do exactly that.

Marketing strategies for startup businesses

Whatever stage your business is at, we can help.

When you meet with us to discuss how ProfitStartTM  can fit your start-up or small business, we’ll present you with a couple of options for how you want to work with us.  They will range from face-to-face coaching sessions in our Brisbane office to guide you on the right marketing and organisational activities, right through to filling a temporary “Marketing Manager” role for 12 weeks to make quick progress.

What does it cost and what kind of return can you expect?

The cost depends on how you want to work with us.

If you’re confident that you can do most of the work but you want some coaching to save you time and help make good marketing and managerial choices, your 12-week programme might cost as little as $4,800 plus gst.

If you want to recruit a full-time, on-site marketing manager for 12 weeks to give your business a flying start or a real kick-along, the cost will be just like hiring a permanent staff member with years of experience, except you won’t need to pay superannuation or leave loading or be locked-in to paying wages indefinitely.

There won’t be any surprises.  We’ll quote you one fixed price cost for a fixed specification of work.  And we’re happy to amortise the cost over a slightly longer period of time to make your cashflow a bit smoother.

You can expect to get a good return on your investment if you make the most of our advice and follow our guidance.  There’s no magic to being successful in business – but there is an art to doing it right.  Our help means you can bypass a lot of the hurdles on the learning curve and turn your investment into many years of higher returns.

Our experience, dedication and proven processes ensure that our clients receive a great return on investment

Here’s a small selection of the hundreds of companies we have worked for:

Ready to find out how ProfitStart™ will apply to your business?

Every market is different and what you need from ProfitStartTM  will be slightly different to other businesses.

Get in touch today and let’s have a no-obligation discussion about how ProfitStartTM  can be tailored to suit your needs. Call us on 1300 36 20 27 or please leave your details below and we will contact you shortly.